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How To Talk To A Parent About Getting A Medical Alert System

Having "the talk" with our parents about getting a Medical Alert System isn't easy. Learn what makes them hesitant, and how to have the conversation.

Why is walking a good way for seniors to get exercise?

Did you know that walking outdoors does more than help pass the time? That's right, walking can help improve your physical and mental health too!

2023 Healthy Community Partnership Grant Recipients - One Year Later

In 2023, we announced the three recipients of our Healthy Community Partnership Grant. One year later, we check in on their successes!

How Important Are Outdoor Activities For Seniors?

Time outdoors is crucial for our overall well-being and our mental health. Learn how time outdoors helps keep us healthy, and outdoor ideas for seniors!

Struggles Of Working Caregivers And How To Help

Caregivers in Canada are important. But, with so many caregiving duties being performed by people who also balance primary jobs, it can feel overwhelming.

Fall-Proof Your Home: Stay On Your Feet With 7 Easy Steps

Avoiding serious falls as a senior can be easier said then done. But falls can be a big threat. Learn 7 useful tips on how to fall-proof your home.

How Does Yoga Benefit Seniors? And How To Get Started!

Yoga can provide many health benefits for seniors, from improved balance and joint health to improved mental health. 7 yoga positions included!

9 Reasons to Choose a Victoria Lifeline Medical Alert System

9 Reasons why Victoria Lifeline is the best medical alert solution for Manitobans. Dive into what makes a good medical alarm device and what to consider.

Which Medical Alert System Is Best for Seniors In Manitoba?

Ranking the top brands on the Canadian medical alert market. From Lifeline and Life Assure to the Apple Watch, we've compared emergency response systems.

How Can Seniors Improve Their Heart Health?

Heart Issues claim more Canadian lives than any other cause. Learn why heart health is important, and what positively and negatively affects it!

Measuring Overall Social Health and Well-Being of Seniors

Social Health is key to a Seniors Well-Being. Learn why social health help them combat loneliness and tips to improve their mental & physical health.

7 Balance Exercises For Seniors That Can Help Prevent Falls

Learn how good balance can help prevent falls. Plus 7 exercises to strengthen senior balance, reduce falls, and boost confidence in daily life!

How Dangerous Are Long Lie Times For Seniors After A Fall?

Falls can negatively impacting both physical and mental health. Learning how to effectively prevent long lie times is crucial. Learn what to do!

A Story About The Dangerous Of Serious Fall For A Senior

A Lifeline subscriber shares a reminder about the importance of taking proactive measures for safety and well-being.

Seniors' Fall Risks: Effective Prevention

Why are falls a critical concern for seniors? Also, learn effective prevention strategies. Explore the importance of prioritizing fall prevention in older adults' health and well-being.

Cognitive Health Exercises That Help Our Brain Stay Sharp

Cognitive health plays a important role in maintaining a good quality of life for seniors. Explore benefits of brain exercises and lifestyle choices.

Investing In Healthy Aging: A Path To a Brighter Canada

Let's explore Canada's aging population's economic impact. A rapid shift poses challenges amid improved healthcare and living standards. What should we do about it?

Breaking The Senior Mental Health Stigma Post-Pandemic

Recent events like the Covid-19 pandemic, are reshaping the dialogue on mental health for seniors. More needed to tackle ongoing stigmas and improve care.

How Eye Checkups Help Seniors Prevent Falls

As we age, subtle changes, like declining vision, often go unnoticed. Understand how this natural change and it's risks to help you stay independent.

Is a Dog Good for a Seniors Physical and Mental Health?

From companionship to fitness, there are many health benefits that come from the bond between dogs and seniors.

Explore Manitoba - Affordable Day Trips for Senior Travelers

The importance of travel for a Seniors health? Staying cooped up can harm seniors. Find tips & local travel destinations for a healthy change of scenery.

Managing The 5 Most Common Chronic Conditions In Seniors

Getting older brings with it experience and wisdom. Embrace aging and discover practical tips for Seniors to navigate 5 common chronic conditions.

Addressing Challenges Faced by Seniors in Manitoba

Seniors face challenges in Manitoba. Victoria Hospital Foundation and Victoria Lifeline's Healthy Community Partnership Grant supports local organizations.

Seniors Aging In Place By Creating a Safe Home Environment

As we age, the desire for independent living at home grows. Those choosing home retirement should take steps for a healthy and functional living space.

Tips For Men Over 55 That Will Help Improve Your Health

Take stock of your health, habits, and lifestyle with our tips for a healthy life. If Your over the age of 55, how well you age is in your hands!

Money Stretching and Budgeting Tips For Seniors

Prioritize financial well-being by planning for the future. Learn why budgeting is crucial for your independence. & tips for fixed income budgeting.

Broken Trust - How to Spot Elder Abuse & What To Do

This World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we share a story close to us on elder abuse. Learn how to spot elder abuse and what to do.

Nutrition for Seniors: Eating Well for Healthy Aging

A nutritious diet is a key ingredient in the recipe of a fulfilling and energetic life. Good nutrition fuels our bodies & helps us stay active. Unlock energizing eating for seniors.

How Seniors Can Prepare For Emergencies - Create a Plan

As a senior, life-changing events become more common. Learn how to create a well-prepared personal emergency plan for a better outcome.

Spring Activities You Can Do Outside To Promote Active Aging

The joys of being active and outdoors during spring! Learn the importance of staying active as you age with tips for making the most of the season.

Seniors Mental Health & The Impact of Isolation

Meaningful relationships bring purpose to life. As we age, social connections diminish, impacting our mental health and our well-being.

Why You Should Drink More Water This Year

70% of Canadians don't drink enough water. That's a big problem. Learn about why drinking water is so important for everybody, especially seniors.

5 Self-care Tips for Caregivers

Feeling overwhelmed when caring for an elderly family member, know that you are not alone. Here are some tips to help you out in your caregiving journey.

A Community Representative Shares Her Lifeline Experience

Tina Plett, Victoria Lifeline Community Representative shares with us her experience with Lifeline in the Community and why it's life saving.

Confronting Ageism - How To Recognize and Fight Stereotypes

Everyone has a role to play in challenging ageist attitudes. They can be found in the media, advertising, and internalized within ourselves.

Exercise - The Key To Avoiding Falls as a Senior

Exercise really is a prescription for good health, and it’s never too late to start an exercising. Learn about why it is so important to a seniors health.

What Older Adults Need To Know To Stay Protect Against Fraud

Canadians 60+ lost $94 million to scams from 2014-2017. Sadly, just 5% of cases get reported due to shame or embarrassment. Learn what to look out for!

The Value of Volunteering

Read Murray McNeil story, a retired RCMP officer who spent 34 years keeping the community safe, now spends his days helping people feel safer at home.

7 Ways for Older Adults to Stay Active

Staying active, physically and mentally, is important for seniors. Social participation has proven to be a key predictor of overall health.

Fear of Falling: How To Break the Cycle of Increasing Risk

1/3 of older adults aged 65+ falls each year and it's the leading cause of injury hospitalization in Manitoba. Learn how you can better prevent a fall!

There Is No Health Without Mental Health

Advances in medicine have helped us live longer and healthier lives! Then why isn't advancing mental health care gaining the same attention?
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