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A Story About The Dangerous Of Serious Fall For A Senior

This Fall Prevention Month serves as a perfect time to share a story that truly hits home. It’s a crucial reminder of the significance of taking proactive measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones. In the summer of 2023, Krystal Stokes, the Director of Marketing and Development sat down with Helen, a longstanding Victoria Lifeline client who has had the service for over 10 years, to delve into the pivotal role that Lifeline played in her life. A powerful reminder of how Lifeline can make an impact in the face of life's unexpected challenges. 

Reflecting on her near-decade-long association with Victoria Lifeline, Helen shared the circumstances that led to her decision to subscribe to the service. "My husband had a severe stroke, and my kids felt that living alone was not good without something (in case of a medical emergency)." In 2014, Helen gave us a call and after speaking with a Victoria Lifeline team member, she was sure that our service was right for her and her safety. 

“Can you tell us a bit about the incident that made you realize how valuable our Victoria Lifeline service was?” Krystal asked.

"Oh, it's been a lifesaver, quite literally! It's more than paid for itself. I've gained five extra years because of it," Helen shared. She recounted a chilling incident that shed light on the crucial role of Lifeline in her life. “I was rushing, of course, wearing socks only in the house, which is a no-no. I came up from the basement in a bit of a hurry, tripped on the top step, and went sliding down onto the floor where I fractured my right arm at the base of the shoulder, which totally incapacitated that side of my body. Extremely painful! And also did a face-plant against the dishwasher, which fractured the blood vessels in my nose and my nose started pouring blood.”

Helen thought she had a backup plan in case of an emergency. A family member would call every day to check on her. “My daughter has always phoned me around noon time. Every single day. So of course she phoned me (earlier) that day. And then wouldn't have phoned me again until the next day. If she got no answer, Mom must have gone shopping, right?’…I would have been a goner. According to the physicians, I would have bled out. So instead of that extreme pain, the possibility of bleeding out, and having my family find me in that condition, I pressed the (medical alert ) button. And it was, ‘How can I help you? I fell. Are you hurt? Yes. Are you bleeding? Yes. Do you need an ambulance? Yes.’ Five minutes later, first responders were there. In 15 minutes, the ambulance was there.”

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls are a leading cause of serious injury among Canadian seniors, with an estimated one in three individuals aged 65 years and older experiencing at least one fall each year. Furthermore, the Canadian Institute for Health Information highlights that falls are responsible for a significant number of hospitalizations and are a leading cause of injury-related deaths among older Canadians.

Helen's story reminds us about the importance of being proactive about our safety, especially as we age. With Lifeline's potentially life-saving emergency response buttons and quick emergency response, seniors can breathe a little easier knowing help is just a press of a button away. It's all about staying independent and secure, even in the face of unforeseen accidents. If you would like even more information on how to keep your home safe and minimize your risk of experiencing a serious fall, call us and speak to one of our certified fall prevention educators. It's not just about preventing falls; it's about preserving independence, having peace of mind and staying safe and healthy. 

This November, Victoria Lifeline is running our Fall Prevention Promotion. You or a loved one can take advantage of one free month of lifeline!

This article is meant to be informational in nature and should not replace the advice of a trained healthcare professional or financial professional. What works for some individuals, might be harmful to others. Consult a professional before making any significant changes. Out of respect to our subscriber's wishes, her full identity was concealed. 

Blog by: Maor Tsitrin, Marketing & Communications Assistant

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