HomeSafe with AutoAlert


As a community service of the Victoria General Hospital Foundation, we are integrated into the healthcare system and recommended by the professionals you trust.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert is the most widely adopted fall detection technology in North America. Victoria Lifeline clients across the province trust the AutoAlert button to call for help even if they can’t. AutoAlert can provide some much needed reassurance and peace of mind to clients and their loved ones knowing help can be accessed in an emergency.

Extensively researched and tested by Philips, the AutoAlert button detects greater than 95%* of falls and offers all the benefits of a medical alarm with that added layer of protection. The button is designed to automatically signal the Response Centre and call for help if a fall is detected. Watch our video to find out more about the technology behind AutoAlert.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert includes the same state-of-the-art communicator as our standard service, along with a pendant-style button (no wrist option available). Lightweight and sleek, the smoothly designed button is also waterproof and can be pressed for help at any time. A Home Service Representative will visit your home to install the unit, test the button, and explain how the AutoAlert technology works.

*AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, you should always press your button if you need help.

How it Works

Whether you need emergency assistance or help from a friend or family member, Victoria Lifeline is there for you when it matters most.


Summon help

Simply press your Help Button at any time to activate the two-way Communicator and connect to the 24-hour Response Centre. HomeSafe with AutoAlert can automatically place a call to our Response Centre for help if it detects a fall.


Hear a Reassuring Voice

A Response Associate will quickly answer the call then access your profile to determine the exact help you need. Even if you can’t speak, take comfort in knowing that help is on the way.


Receive the Right Care

The Response Associate will contact a friend/family member or Emergency Services depending on your situation, and follow up to confirm help has arrived. You decide which loved ones or friends you want us to call if you need help, designated as Responders. They should have a key to your home or know where one is located (a lock box for example).

Help Buttons

help-buttonThrough our valued partnership with Philips Lifeline, we offer the latest technology in medical alert devices, including the award-winning AutoAlert button. The AutoAlert has multiple sensors that can distinguish between actual falls and activities of daily living like sitting, bending and reclining.

Important Features

  • Fall detection: The AutoAlert uses patented technology to detect greater than 95%* of falls. It also has a low rate of false alarms. You can still press the button for help at any time, but take comfort in knowing the button can call for help even if you can’t.
  • Waterproof: Buttons are designed to be worn in the bath or shower, a common place for household slips and falls.
  • Long-lasting battery: Use your button as much as you need without worrying about the battery. When it eventually needs replacing, a low-battery signal will be sent to the Response Centre and we will call to schedule a service appointment. All service calls are free for as long as you have Lifeline. With our personalized service, you won’t have to wait for a replacement button to be sent in the mail.
  • Easily reached: Unlike a cordless phone or cell phone, your button is always within reach and ready to be used.
  • Designed for everyday use: The subtle design of the button makes it easy to wear 24/7 and it can be hand washed with soap and water if needed. The neck cords are designed to break away in the event of an emergency and can be replaced if damaged or soiled.
  • Range of operation: The button has a wide-range of operation, so you can call for help anywhere in and around your home when you’re within range of the Communicator. During the installation appointment, our Home Service Representative will test the button so you know exactly where it works and how far. The signal range may vary due to the construction of your home and distance from the Communicator.
  • The ability to answer an incoming call: Rushing to pick up the phone can pose a fall risk, so the button can also be used to answer an incoming call. Just press your button after the phone rings twice and talk to your caller through the Communicator’s two-way speaker. (Note: this option is not available on the 7000 series wireless communicators)

*AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, you should always press your button if you need help.


communicatorThrough our partnership with Philips Lifeline, we offer the most advanced medical alert equipment on the market today. Philips brings innovation and state-of-the-art design to all their products and the Lifeline communicator unit is no exception.

To ensure proper installation, our Home Service Representative will connect the unit to your phone line and then test the range of operation. When you press your help button within range of the Communicator, it will speed dial the Response Centre so you can talk to a trained Associate through the two-way speaker.

Important Features

  • Tasteful design: The unit is small and easily fits into your home décor.
  • Automatic self-testing: The Communicator conducts regular status checks and will automatically alert the Response Centre if maintenance is required.
  • Back-up battery: The back-up battery will work for up to 30 hours in a power outage.
  • Fast-dialing: Provides quick access to help around the clock.
  • High-quality speakers & microphone: The communicator unit can amplify sound, making it easier to hear the Response Centre, and for them to hear you, throughout your home.

Important Benefits

  • Protection 24/7: You don’t always know when an accident might happen, but you can be prepared for one. A slip or fall can happen anywhere in your home, even in the middle of the night. The AutoAlert button can detect a fall from anywhere in your home and send in a help call if you’re within range of the communicator.
  • Peace of mind: If you live alone, Victoria Lifeline can be there for you when your family can’t. You will feel a greater sense of security and peace of mind knowing that the AutoAlert can call for help even if you can’t.
  • Affordability: For a reasonable monthly fee, much less than an assisted living facility or personal care home, the AutoAlert provides an added layer of protection at an affordable monthly price. The monthly monitoring fee can be paid by pre-authorized debit or credit card.
  • Independence: In a national survey, older adults reported that their greatest fear is losing their independence. 90% of older adults want to remain at home as long as possible. If a fall is detected, the AutoAlert can prevent long lie times and needless complications that may require expensive rehabilitation or even admission to a nursing home.

Still undecided? We also offer a no obligation Home Visit. A Victoria Lifeline Education Facilitator will visit your home to show you the equipment and demonstrate how it works. With no obligation to sign up for the service, the home visit is a great opportunity to ask questions one on one. Click here to fill out your home visit request.