with Fall Detection

Rest easy knowing if a fall occurs and leaves you immobilized or unconscious, our smart sensors are designed to detect the fall and automatically make an emergency call to our response center.*

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One in three seniors
will fall this year alone.

And over half of those falls will happen at home. Falls can pose a serious health risk for older adults and those living with chronic conditions. They are also the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization in Manitoba.

Living with one or more medical conditions
can increase your risk of falling

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85% of injuries that result in hospitalization for seniors are due to falls.

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50% of all falls causing hospitalization happen at home.

Image Hover Zoom Average hospital stay due to falls is 10 days

The average hospital stay is 10 days longer for a fall than for any other cause.

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North America's Most Widely Adopted Fall Detection Technology.


Manitobans trust the Fall Detection button to call for help. Even when they can’t. Our proven automatic fall alert systems are designed to detect true falls with a low rate of false alarms.

The idea that you can push a button and get fast access to help in an emergency gives you the confidence to maintain your independence and live life to the fullest. But what if you fall or have a medical emergency and can’t push the button? The solution is advanced fall detection technology.

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Benefits of our Fall Detection Service?

Multiple sensors help fall alert to distinguish between actual falls and activities of daily living like sitting, bending, and reclining.

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24/7 Protection

Our Canadian-based, Response Centres are available 24/7 and staffed with professionally trained Response Associates.

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Peace of mind

You don’t always know when an accident might happen, but you can be prepared for one and get instant help when it does.

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No expensive equipment to buy, no contract

Live in your own home at an affordable monthly rate. There is no long-term contract so you can use the service for as little or as long as you need.


What's Included

In the HomeSafe with Fall Detection package, you'll receive:

Personal Alert Button & In-home Communicator

The HomeSafe with Fall Detection help button is worn with an adjustable neck cord. This small & discreet device includes the added protection of automatic fall detection. When you press your Help Button within range of a Communicator, it dials our Response Centre.

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Notable Features

Lifeline fall detection be prepared for an emergency


You can wear it in the shower or bath, where falls often occur.

Worry-free Battery

Long-lasting battery, AND we’ll automatically replace it when needed. Communicator also comes with up to 30 hours of battery backup gives you access to help even during power outages.


As your most dependable accessory, the lightweight pendant is comfortably worn.

No Phone Line Needed

Don’t have a home phone? We also have a cellular option that does not require any special equipment.

Two-way Communication

The Communicator amplifies sound so you can hear and be heard throughout your home.

Powerful Coverage

Your help button has a wide range of operations, so you can call for help anywhere in and around your home within range of the in-home communicator.

How the Service Works

Need emergency assistance or help from a friend or family member? Getting help has never been more simple with Lifeline's fall detection.

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1. Summon help

Simply press your Help Button to activate the two-way Communicator unit and connect to the 24-hour Response Centre.

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2. Hear a Reassuring Voice

A Response Associate will quickly answer the call and then access your profile to determine the exact help you need.

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3. Receive the Right Care

The Response Associate will contact a friend/family member or Emergency Services depending on your situation and follow up to confirm help has arrived.

Image Hover Zoom Victoria Lifeline Fall detection is for all ages

For anyone living with a chronic condition, 
not just seniors.

“It’s important to remember that Lifeline isn’t just for seniors and it’s more than a help button. I wear my Lifeline every day – it is part of getting dressed. In fact, I call it my “best friend” that I wear around my neck. For me, having Lifeline allows me to enjoy the simple pleasures that come with doing the things I want to do – on my own and independently. It’s wonderful. I’m thrilled with the freedom it provides me and many other people like me…”

- Lucy D, 53-year-old lifeline subscriber living with MS

Still Undecided?

We also offer a free in-home or virtual consultation with a trained Victoria Lifeline fall prevention educator.

With no obligation to sign up for the service, the home consultation is a great opportunity to ask questions.

Be prepared for any emergency.

Not sure if it's time to get Lifeline?

Take our Fall Assessment Survey today to find out if you or someone you love is at risk for a fall.