How We Can Help

“If the healthcare system were a plant, family caregivers would be the roots: invisible, fragile and vital.”

Donald Cameron

If you feel overwhelmed when caring for your elderly parent or family member, please know that you are not alone. Over 8 million Canadians are currently caring for someone they love and about half of those individuals are caring for their parents or in-laws.1 It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed and frustrated sometimes. Caregiving is often an emotional journey, filled with rewards and challenges. You may cherish the opportunity to give back to someone who once cared for you, but feel constantly torn between your needs and theirs.

The good news is there are plenty of resources that can help you care for the older adult in your life. Victoria Lifeline recently developed a Senior Services Guide to help you easily find and access resources like Home Care, Meal Programs, Transportation, Health Services and Federal/Provincial Tax Credits.  Download a free copy today!

Another great place to start when you're looking for information is the Senior Resource Finder in your area if you live in Winnipeg or your local Senior Resource Community Council if you live in rural Manitoba.

As a busy caregiver, you have so much on your plate. We want to help lighten that load a little. When your loved one is ready, we make it easy for them to get started with Victoria Lifeline. One phone call to our office is all it takes to set up the service. It will be our pleasure to take it from there. We also offer free in-home or virtual consultations with a trained fall prevention educator to help reduce the risk of falling and to explain how our service can help your loved one remain independent. 

Victoria Lifeline is proud to offer personalized service plans along with an in-home installation by a trained Home Service Representative. Proper installation and testing of the equipment is a critical step, ensuring the button will work when your loved one really needs it. Our caring staff will arrange the installation appointment as soon as possible and we encourage family members to attend.

If you have any financial concerns about being able to pay for Lifeline, your loved one may be eligible for our Subsidy Program. If they qualify, your loved one would pay a reduced monthly fee for Lifeline. Find out how to qualify for the program here.


“It's important that someone comes and installs the equipment, that the device just isn't mailed to them. Seniors need relationships and human voices.”

Geriatric Nurse Specialist


Through our partnership with Lifeline Canada, we have access to their innovative medical alert equipment, industry leading fall detection technology, and 24/7 Response Centre, so you can rest assured your loved one will get the help they need. If you are wondering how the Response Centre works, watch the video below for an inside look at the people on the other end of the help call.

Because we have been working with older adults for over 30 years, the products are designed to be senior friendly and according to our clients, they are also senior approved! So what does all this really mean for you?

Victoria Lifeline offers these important service features for your peace of mind:

  • Face-to-face service and local support. Clients feel better knowing Victoria Lifeline representatives are nearby if they have questions. In-home or virtual consultations are also free for anyone considering the service. Book one here.
  • Our NEW GoSafe mobile help button can provide emergency assistance both inside the home and on the go. Feeling safe and secure shouldn't be confined to the home - your loved one should be able to go out with confidence and enjoy their life. Using 6 advanced location technologies, GoSafe is designed to accurately identify your loved one's location to quickly find them wherever they need help.
  • Installation of the equipment and one-on-one instruction on how to get the most out of the Lifeline service. If you want your loved one to use the service, we will demonstrate the value added features like the ability to answer an incoming phone call by pressing their personal help button. (Available on the 6000 series communicators.)

  • Reliable equipment manufactured by Lifeline Canada to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

  • Industry-leading fall detection technology. The AutoAlert button detects greater than 95%* of falls and can call for help even if your loved one can’t.

  • Free service calls as long as your loved one has Victoria Lifeline. If a battery needs replacing, your loved one won’t have to wait for one to be sent in the mail. We will book a service appointment and replace it at no charge.

  • Access to caring, highly trained Response Associates who work exclusively with Lifeline clients. We are not a security company - we are a specialized service designed for older adults and those living with chronic conditions.

  • An in-home communicator volume that can be adjusted to suit your loved ones. Our Home Service Representative can adjust the volume levels on the communicator unit to suit your loved ones hearing needs.

1 General Social Survey, Statistics Canada ‘Portrait of Caregivers, 2012’.

*AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, you should always press your button if you need help.