The Healthy Community

Partnership Grant

Committed to supporting viable projects, programs, and initiatives that enrich the health and well-being of Manitobans.

The 2024 application period has now ended.

Healthy Community Partnership Grant: Enriching the lives of manitobans

About This Grant.

Recognizing the correlation between healthy living and aging safely in place, the Healthy Community Partnership Grant was established to support the creation or enhancement of opportunities for health promotion among older adults. For organizations committed to supporting the aging population in Manitoba, the Healthy Community Partnership Grant presents a valuable opportunity to make a tangible difference.

By joining forces, Victoria Lifeline and the Victoria Hospital Foundation aim to empower not-for-profits to further their mission of providing essential services that promote the overall health and well-being of older adults. Together, they are dedicated to fostering a thriving and inclusive community where older adults can lead fulfilling lives.

Image Hover Zoom 2023 Healthy Community Partnership Grant Recipient

2023 Recipients Of The Healthy Community Partnership Grant

Last year, grants were awarded to three Manitoban not-for-profit organizations. To read more about the projects, check out our recent blog post!

Image Hover Zoom Grant Winner Icon-Food Pantry

Good Neighbours Active Living Centre


Establishing a much-needed Food Pantry specifically aimed to address food insecurity for older adults.

Image Hover Zoom Grant Recipient - Enhanced Audio Experience

Bridgepark Manor Inc.


Enhance the audio experience for hard-of-hearing individuals using a Wi-Fi system enabling them to take part in various social events and gatherings, helping to combat social isolation.

Image Hover Zoom Grant Recipient Icon- Equipment Loan Program

Seniors Independent Services

(RM of Prairie Lakes)

Funding an Equipment Loan Program, which provides short-term loans of clean and safe medical equipment to older adults and individuals with disabilities at no cost.

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Grant Purpose

These grants are made available to programs serving primarily older adults to purchase equipment and to support activities or programs that promote health and independence.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants are non-profit community organizations in Manitoba that include older adults in their activities or programming.

Please note that applicants need not be affiliated with Victoria Lifeline service in their community, however, priority will be given to communities that offer Victoria Lifeline service.

What can be funded?

Funds can be used for programs and/or activities or to purchase equipment related to health promotion. Preference will be given to supporting the creation of a new activity and/or service, or expanding a current one, rather than providing on-going funding for an already existing program and/or service.

Please note that grant funding cannot be used for the following: 

• Capital investment for facility construction 

• Taxes, insurance, utilities, or office rental 

• Deficit reduction 

• Fundraising or cash prizes 

Application Requirements

• Applicants are required to submit a budget, which lists all sources of prospective and confirmed funding, along with the amount requested from Victoria Lifeline.

• Please provide a quote for expenses over $100.

• Projects must be completed by the end of the fiscal year in which the grant is awarded.

• Funds are to be used for the stated purpose in the application. Any changes to the project once funding is awarded must be approved by Victoria Lifeline.

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How are applications evaluated?

Applications will be reviewed by a sub-committee based on the following factors*:

• Does the project align with Victoria Lifeline’s Mission and guiding principles?

• Will the project positively impact the health (mental, social, physical) of participants?

• The number of older adult participants involved.

• The length of time and/or exposure of the proposed project

• Lifeline's current level of presence in the community.

• Sustainability of the program/activity/equipment.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about this grant or the application process, please contact Laney McGregor at
[email protected] or (204) 477-3415.