Mission & Values

V only logoMission Statement

To empower independence and save lives.

Victoria Lifeline provides products and services that support individuals who value safe and independent living. We achieve this through personal, quality service provided by a network of caring staff, community partners and volunteers.

V only logoVision Statement

To use the latest technology to positively impact individual's lives and the regional health services with a profitable outcome, contributing annually to the Victoria General Hospital Foundation. Victoria Lifeline is a customer-centric organization led by results-driven employees leading to positive contributions to the community. 

V only logoOur Values

As a community service of the Victoria General Hospital Foundation, we are proud to share their defining values. 

  • Have integrity. Be transparent. We will be honest and principled in all our interactions and with the stewardship of our assets. We will be open and clear about how we make decisions, establish priorities and manage all aspects of the Vic Foundation.
  • Build a positive team spirit. We will work together, positively and constructively, as one team with respect, passion and determination, supporting our colleagues, sharing ideas and best practices, so that we can deliver the highest impact and value to our donors.
  • Engage & build strong partnerships. We will be a visible presence, working with individuals, organizations, donors, grantees, agencies and other stakeholders to build meaningful relationships and strong partners.
  • Be empathetic & inclusive. We understand that there are many determinants of healthy living, and that our community is home to a diverse ethnic, economic and aging community with at-risk populations. We will focus on better outcomes by targeting root causes of health disparities so that we can improve the health and well-being of all members of our community.
  • Pursue knowledge, learning & continuous improvement. We will rely on healthcare and other professionals' expertise and high quality, evidence-based data to make effective, strategic investments to advance healthcare. We will maximize our impact through evaluation, learning from our successes and failures, and continuously improving quality and effectiveness of our efforts.
  • Embrace and drive change through innovation. We will be open-minded and creative; looking beyond 'business as usual' to catalyze and advance healthcare through new and innovative ideas, research, technologies, and by working with both traditional and non-traditional health partners.
  • Deliver impact. We will excel at our work, pursuing initiatives that have measureable impact on advancing healthcare to achieve our vision of Healthier Futures.

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