The benefits of a one-on-one consultation

Finding a service plan that is the best fit for you or someone you're caring for is very important to the staff and volunteers at Victoria Lifeline. We want to make sure we understand your needs so we can provide the right resources to help you remain safe and independent at home. That’s why we offer a no-obligation virtual or in-home* consultation with one of our trained education facilitators.

  1. Accepting change can be difficult, which is why a one-on-one consultation about the value of a medical alert service can make a real difference. Victoria Lifeline education facilitator Vicki Russenholt explains, “If the person considering our service does not see the value in having that safety net Victoria Lifeline provides, they may not wear the button even if they do subscribe. We really need that buy-in from the client to ensure they are getting the most out of the service and that help will be there for them when they need it the most.” The in-home or virtual consultation is the perfect opportunity to talk about the value of not only having the service, but the peace of mind it can bring to both the subscriber and their families.
  2. The one-on-one consultation also allows for an honest conversation about risk. When faced with an increased risk of falling or worsening health condition, an older adult may vehemently deny the need for a personal alert button by immediately saying, ‘I’m always careful, I don’t need that.’ Vicki does over a hundred presentations a year on fall prevention and frequently talks people through their defensive barriers with an open conversation about risk. “People tell me – ‘I haven’t fallen yet so I don’t need it’. I talk to people about being proactive not reactive – the statistics show that one in three older adults will fall this year, so I ask them, if you know you’re at risk, what’s your plan? A fall can compromise independent living.” Ultimately, Victoria Lifeline can help people stay at home longer, and the no obligation consultation is the perfect forum to discuss the benefits of being proactive when it comes to health and well-being. And as Vicki likes to say, “it’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it!”
  3. Understanding how a personal alert button works and the different service levels can be overwhelming. Some people need to see the buttons first-hand before deciding what service they want and the in-home or virtual consultation is a great opportunity to do just that.
  4. Many older adults live on a fixed income and are concerned about whether or not they can afford a medical alert service. Victoria Lifeline has a Subsidy Program and if the client qualifies, they will pay a reduced monthly rate. Our educators can explain the eligibility guidelines and how to apply for the program during the consultation.
  5. Education & Resources – All of our educators are certified in the Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum and can discuss how to reduce your risk of falling and other tips and tools for safe and independent living. Each in-home consultation also comes with a free Lifeline bag filled with important aging in place resources and a few fun activities. It also includes our new Senior Service booklet - a guide to programs and services for seniors inculidng health, caregiving, housing, meal programs, homecare, transporation and staying safe.

*Enhanced safety protocols will be strictly adhered to at any in-home consultation. In-home consultations are available in Winnipeg and the Steinbach area. Virtual consultations are available province-wide.

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