Service Plans

Victoria Lifeline is Manitoba’s most trusted medical alert service. With almost 30 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of people maintain their independence and well-being.  We understand that you want to live at home as long as possible, but the risk of a fall or medical emergency can compromise independent living. For a reasonable monthly monitoring fee, Victoria Lifeline can help keep you safe in the home you love so much.

Every second counts in a medical emergency, so you need fast, dependable access to help around the clock. Choose from one of Victoria Lifeline’s personalized service plans and start living worry free today.

HomeSafe Standard
Our original medical alert service, reliable and easy to use.
HomeSafe with AutoAlert
Take comfort in knowing that your button can call for help even if you can’t.
Independence on the Go. 
Coming soon to Winnipeg!

No landline phone at home? Take a look at our wireless option.


With more people choosing cellular phones over a traditional landline service, we now have a wireless option. The Lifeline wireless communicator connects to the Response Centre using a third party wireless network. No additional wireless equipment is needed. Call our office today to find out more.

*Only available in participating programs.