Lifeline Access®

Victoria Lifeline is deeply committed to accessibility, and through our partnership with Lifeline Canada, we are the only medical alert service that offers a range of access products. Lifeline Access provides a vital connection and peace of mind to people who are unable to press the traditional help button.  These electronic access switches allow individuals with limited physical abilities to call Lifeline for help. They have been specially designed for body motion activation for a range of individual needs.

The switches can be used by people with neuromuscular disabilities or disorders such as Parkinson’s, MS, Cerebral Palsy and ALS. They can also be used to answer an incoming call by activating the speakerphone in the Lifeline two-way communicator unit.

Please take a moment to read our Accessibility Standard for Customer Service Policy. 

For more information on the Personal Help Access Switches or to book an informational in-service, please contact our Education Facilitator at (204) 956-6768.

Pillow Switch


This round switch can be pinned to a pillow and activated by a controlled head movement.

Wobble Switch

This switch can be activated by gross body or head movements coming from any direction.

Rocking Lever Switch

This switch is activated by gross hand, arm or body movements, or by mouth or head stick.

Sip or Puff

This switch requires sipping or puffing on a tube. Minimal pressure changes are necessary. Breath control vs. respiratory control required.