Happy Anniversary - Victoria Lifeline turns 30!

Victoria Lifeline installed their very first client on May 18, 1988. He was an 84-year-old gentleman named Murray who immediately felt more confident with a Lifeline help button on his wrist.  When interviewed about Lifeline all those years ago, Murray declared, “If anything happened, I know I could reach out and touch someone.”

Thirty years later Victoria Lifeline is providing that same peace of mind to over 5,600 people across the province in more than 370 communities.  From the early days of a push-style help button that only worked in the subscriber’s home, Victoria Lifeline now offers fall detection technology and GPS enabled mobile help buttons where clients can access emergency assistance wherever they need it.

Louise Horst was Lifeline’s first Program Manager back in 1988 and she remembers Murray and his wife, very well.  “He’d fallen and his wife was unable to help him off the floor. They made the decision to get Lifeline after that and we were happy to provide caregiver support to his wife.” Back then, there was a negative stigma attached to wearing a help button, so Louise and her staff had to demonstrate the value of the service. Their message still resonates today, “Victoria Lifeline has a holistic approach; we care for the individual and the caregiver, we also assist healthcare professionals and emergency services. We really are there for the whole community, keeping friends, neigbours and loved ones safe,” Louise explained.

Since then, Victoria Lifeline has helped more than 40,000 people in Manitoba lead safe and independent lives.  That’s an incredible milestone for an organization that had 68 subscribers at the end of their first year.  As a community service of the Victoria General Hospital Foundation, we are still committed to our long-standing mission; supporting individuals who value independence by providing a quality, caring service.

Through our partnership with Philips Lifeline, Victoria Lifeline offers the most advanced medical alert devices on the market today.  Reliable, state-of-the-art equipment is just another reason why Victoria Lifeline is the number one medical alert service in Manitoba.

So where does Victoria Lifeline see themselves in the next 30 years? Technology has the potential to change the way people age and Victoria Lifeline is poised on the edge of innovation.  Thirty years ago we couldn’t have imagined a mobile help button that could locate the subscriber and provide two-way communication, but now we have GoSafe.  A button that can support healthy, active aging is the future of personal alarms and the future looks bright!

Victoria Lifeline will kick off their 30th anniversary celebration May 1. Mention our anniversary blog post in the month of May and receive a FREE INSTALL!

*GoSafe relies on cellular network availability and coverage.


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