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  • Feel safe and secure wherever you go.*
  • Predictive fall detection.
  • GPS enabled location technology.
  • Protection inside your home and out.
  • Uninterrupted support. 

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Manitoba's #1 Medical Alert Service

This year 1.4 million people, 65 and older will fall. If you or a loved one experience a medical emergency, time is of the essence. That’s where Victoria Lifeline can help, connecting you to the right help for the situation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the push of a button


Lifeline at Home

HomeSafe with AutoAlert is Canada’s most trusted medical alert system.
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Father_Daughter GoSafe

Lifeline On-The-Go

GoSafe is your mobile (GPS) medical alert solution.
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Caregiver Support

Victoria Lifeline can help you talk to your loved one about a medical alert service.
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How the Fall Detection Works

AutoAlert advanced fall detection technology is the new standard in personal emergency response services.


AutoAlert detects a fall.


AutoAlert gives you 30 seconds to cancel an alarm, or you can cancel by starting to stand back up.


If the alarm is not cancelled in 30 seconds, you’ll be connected to Victoria Lifeline’s Response Center.


You will hear a reassuring voice and know help is on the way.

The time for Victoria Lifeline is before you need help.


*GoSafe relies on cellular network availability. Equipment may not detect all falls. Undetectable falls can include slow falls, falls from low heights and slides from seated positions. If able, users should always push their button when they need help.